Brand development and management

Your brand is the first thing your customers will experience about your company. What your brand says will affect, for life, the relationship you have with them.

Your brand is more than just a fancy logo. When developing a brand you need to be able to distill every aspect of your business into a single, word, phrase or design then ensure that your brand is used correctly and consistently throughout your company.

Your brand is vital to your business and you need to find a partner you can trust to help you build and develop your brand strategy.

From small on-line businesses to large multi-national companies Smith and Saunders have the knowledge and experience in developing and managing brands for the full range of business types. Whatever your needs we can help you develop a compelling brand strategy for your business.

Smith and Saunders uses a proven process to help develop your brand strategy. The process starts with a comprehensive brand audit – assessing your current market position and is complemented by more subjective analysis of your business and customer profile.

From this audit we can assess the strengths and weaknesses of your existing brand and develop a clear strategy for either developing an entirely new brand or managing your existing branding.