Pay-per-click advertising (Google Adwords)

Search engine marketing (SEM)

There is no better time to show your advertisement than when someone is actively looking for your product. Pay-per-click advertising such as Google adwords offers you exactly that… better still you only pay for the advertising when it works.

Whether launching a new site, developing a tactical sales or advertising campaign or developing longer term brand awareness, pay per click (PPC) advertising can be a useful supplement to long term Search Engine Optimisation.

Campaign planning and management

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Save time and money – There are a number of mistakes you can make when setting up campaigns; Setting the wrong time zone, too many keywords,  no specific landing pages and paying too much for keywords are some of the most common
Pay less – The more relevant your keywords (and negative keywords) and the better your ad-copy the better your relevance rating the less you will need to bid to be in the top 3 adverts.
Precise targeting – we can create campaigns for just certain cities to run only at certain times of day or in a local language or place ads on specific industry websites that take Google adverts.
Understand market conditions – we run many campaigns and can see the potential for your campaign. Knowing when you have spent enough in a competitive market is very valuable.
Specialist tools – we use tools to allow us to identify, score and monitor key words as well and monitor what your competitors are doing.
Reporting – We understand the market moves fast so every client receives a weekly campaign report to keep you well informed.

What’s right for you?

Pay per click advertising is, in the majority, a text based advertisement, but there are a number of other supported advert types that may better communicate your message. We can advise and produce all of the alternative formats such as video ads as well as effectively managing hybrid campaigns.

Being successful

Success is all down to ensuring you have “relevance” to everything that runs through your web strategy from keywords to ad-text, landing content, and the call to action. The key to good Adwords Campaign Management is measuring each and every stage and acting on the information. We have standardised of a set of Google Analytics reports that deliver all the metrics we need about your website to get your Adwords campaign started. Then once we have a good understanding we tailor the reports and link them to your Adwords campaigns. This means you always have an up-to-date status for you own internal reporting.

How we work

We work with you to define a strategy that could comprise; a short term campaign based around a product launch,  to compliment a new website or a longer term plan to fulfill business goals such as lead generation, product sales or brand awareness.

We offer a managed service where we constantly monitor bid prices and keywords or we can set up a campaign and let it run for it’s required duration.

A typical project would include:

  • Campaign planning and management
  • Keyword research and tuning
  • Creative ad-copy
  • Landing page planning and design
  • Ongoing SEO strategy
  • Competitor monitoring
  • Weekly performance reporting

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