Website Analytics

Google Analytics Report

What is Google Analytics?

Google Analytics shows you how people found your site, how they explored it, what keywords they used to get to it, how many visited it and what pages they viewed the most (and least). By using the data we can propose how you can enhance their experience of using your website to increase sales, awareness, communication or leads.

By adding a piece of code to each page of your site we can set up an account and create a custom report that can be emailed to you on a weekly or monthly basis giving an overview of your sites performance. Additional reports can be created based on the criteria required such as visitors by country or town, language used and detailed data on individual pages. Keyword reports can also be created so clients can see the top keywords searched for to get to their website.

By receiving a report on a regular basis we can see general patterns in user behaviour. This might be that they click on an enquiry form but don’t fill it in, go through two steps of a checkout process but never complete the purchase or always go to an unexpected page that could be utillised better by adding more content and calls to action. Reacting to this user behaviour will create a better user experience for the visitor and better ROI for you.

For more information on how Smith and Saunders can help you enhance a visitors experience of your web site and your return on investment please contact us.